I had a request on the recipe I frequently use in my cakes. You can use any kind of fruit, but beware of fruits with lots of enzymes eg pineapple. It melts the sugarpaste, so use preserved canned fruits.
The measuring is written european measurements so I hope you can use it




  • 400g fruit (eg. raspberry, blackberry, strawberries)
  • 150g sugar
  • ½ litre cream
  • 6 pieces of gelatine


  1. Defrost the fruit until it reaches roomtemperature. Use your blender to blend the fruit and sugar
  2. Soak the gelantine pieces for 10 minutes and melt them
  3. Mix well with fruit. Leave it and whip the cream.
  4. Mix the cream and fruits

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looking at a online coversion looks like 1.5C fruit (eg. raspberry, blackberry, strawberries) 1/2C sugar 2C cream 6 pieces of gelatine

Hope this helps


By "pieces of gelatine", do you mean sheets of gelatine?

I found this info online, but have not had a chance to try the recipe yet: "Many European recipes call for leaf gelatin. You can successfully substitute powdered gelatin for leaf gelatin in any recipe. One package (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin equals 4 sheets. One package of gelatin is enough to jell 2 cups of liquid."