Chocolate fondant

I used to work with MMF but I had a lot of children cake and I did not like the idea to give them so many not-natural ingredients, I tried a new fondant recipe based on chocolate.

This is a easy fondant recipe.


Amount Ingredient 2 bars ( 100 gr each) dark chocolate 4 tablespoons glucose 2-3 tablespoons glycerin powder sugar around 5 cups


1.On a Bain-Marine I put the glucose and the glycerin together for 2 minutes, after that I add the chocolate that I chopped and I leave it on the stove until is melt.
2. I am waiting to chill a little and I start adding sugar
3. It has to be almost the same with a regular fondant but softer.

TIPS: if is to dry and more glucose and put it back on Bain-Marine
If is not pliable add an extra tbs of glycerin.
You can substitute glucose with honey.

It taste amazing and IS CHOCOLATE!!!!

I tried with white chocolate to but the color is ivory and not pure white, but if you need a colored fondant you can color it with great succes.

I hope you like it!

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Thank you for the recipe, I do need to ask is a Bain-Marine the same as a double boiler? I have never heard of one of these. Can't wait to try it. Love chocolate,