Paleo Chocolate Cake

My Paleo best friend found this recipe and it rose nicely and was dense in texture. The Vegan Chocolate Frosting was so good I could not keep my family away from it. The trick to the icing is letting it get really really cold and thick in the freezer before whipping. Then it frosts nicely but streaks unless the cake is room temperature. Don’t frost if your cake is frozen or cold. Once the cake is iced and smoothed then you can refrigerate it or let it sit out for a day until the event. It was a big big hit at the birthday party and guilt free! Serves 12.


Amount Ingredient Cake: 3/4 C Coconut flour, sifted 1/4 C Cacao Powder 1 t. celtic sea salt 1 t. baking soda 10 eggs 1 C grapeseed oil 1 1/2 C honey 1 T. vanilla extract 1/4 t orange zest Vegan Chocolate Frosting: 1 C dark chocolate chips 1/2 C grapeseed oil 2 T. honey 1 T. vanilla extract pinch celtic sea salt


Paleo Chocolate Cake
1. In a small bowl combine flour, cacao, salt and baking soda
2. In a large bowl blend eggs, oil, honey, vanilla and orange zest
3. Add dry ingredients into large bowl and continue to blend
4. Oil (2) 9-inch cake pans and dust with coconut flour
5. Pour batter into pans and bake at 325′ for 35-40 minutes
6. Remove from oven, allow to cool completely, then remove from pans
7. Frost and serve.
Vegan Chocolate Frosting
1. In a small saucepan over very low heat, melt chocolate and grapeseed oil
2. Stir in honey, vanilla and salt
3. Place frosting in freezer for 15-30 minutes until cool and thick
4. Remove from freezer and whip frosting until thick and fluffy
5. Frost over a room temperature cake. (It may streak if your cake is cold)
6. You may let frosted cake sit out for a day or you may refrigerate at this point.

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This is AWESOME! I've been Paleo for about 6 months now and haven't been able to find a cake recipe that is actually cake "like." Can't wait to try this!!! Thanks!


Interesting that the frosting is considered vegan. Most of the vegans I know do not use honey because it is an animal product. I will definitely try this cake though. Looking for a good gluten free recipe. I've never heard of paleo before, I learn something new everyday. Just read about it.