Malone's Pound Cake

Traditionally pound cake is built from equal amounts of sugar, four and butter. Adjustments to the ingredients rations yield a cake that is moister and lighter with a softer crumb. Sour cream helps to keep this cake moist. This is a recipe I have made for a few wedding cakes, my clients loved it.


Amount Ingredient 227g Unsalted butter, softened 587g Granulated Sugar 282g Eggs (6 each of the amount) 376g Cake Flour (don’t substitute the taste will be different, I have never made it with all purpose or another flour) 5g salt 2g Baking Soda 227g Sour Cream (Add alittle more for moister) Lemon Zest (Just the yellow part not the white, it’s going to make a bitter taste to it) 2 Lemons (or not depending on your taste) 29g Lemon Juice



1 – Preheat over to 180 degree /350F. Grease and flour three 18×6.4cm / 7×2 1/2″ loaf pans ( If you are only making 1 or 2 of these cut the recipe in half, this is a recipe for loaf pans not 8″ or 9″ cake pans but those cake be used also). Line pans with parchment to ease removal of cakes – Cut a rectangle of parchment paper the length of the pan and wide enough to cover the long sides and bottom of the pan. After preparing the pans, fit the parchment into the pan)

Creaming Method for production

2 – Cream butter and sugar together until you get a light and fluffy consistency about 5 mins on med speed. (Kitchen aids works best :O))))

3 – Add Eggs 1 at a time, making sure to incorporate them completely, scrape sides of the bowl after adding eggs (If you already have a kitchen aid mixing scraper don’t worry about that it does it for you :O))))

4 – Always sift your flour, salt and baking soda together unless other wise stated (it helps speed up the process).

5 – In a separate Bowl mix sour cram, lemon zest and lemon juice together and set aside

6 – On low speed, alternately add flour mixture and sour cream mixture in small batches, starting and ending with flour. Scrape down bowl between addition (Again if you have the scraper for your kitchen aid skip this step :O)))

7 -Divide batter between the pans, approximately 500g each (If you are using a Cake Pan to make these, only fill 1/2 way giving room to expand and use baking strips and a baking core, not necessary but I always use both and never had an un-pleasant cake experience so far :O)))))

8-Cook 25-30 mins depending on your over, Conventional or not, this totally depends on how you are use to baking, we all do it differently. Insert Kife, Cake poker, toothpick into center, if it comes out clean you are ready to pull it out of the oven-

9- Cool on rack for 5-10 min and then remove from pans to continue cooling. Remember the parchment papers are helping in the process and also in the color and not burning.

Have fun, let me know how this comes out for you or if you have any questions.

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Can you please confirm the amount of sugar in your recipe? You typed 587 grams which is almost 3X the weight of butter or eggs. It is also grossly out of balance with your flour which is correct at 367 grams