White Chocolate WASC

I love the White Chocolate WASC by patticakesnc but it wasn’t quite “white chocolate” enough for me. With a few changes, this is perfect! I often fill it with fruit-flavored buttercream (specifically raspberry or strawberry). This recipe stacks well and can be carved as well.


Amount Ingredient 2 boxes white cake mix 2 c AP flour 2 c sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 box Jello white chocolate pudding mix (3.3 oz) 6 eggs 2 c sour cream 4 T oil 1 c International Delight white chocolate coffee creamer 2 c water 2 tsp chocolate flavoring syrup (I use Torani in the coffee aisle)


Sift together dry ingredients. Slowly add wet ingredients in an electric mixer. Pour in prepared pans (1/2 full) and bake at 325 until toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Yields 2 – 10″ rounds and 2 – 6″ rounds.

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sounds yummi - can't wait to try it! I wonder if it would come out just as good if the recipe was devided ( I hope that's not a silly question...I am fairly new to this) TY


It's the liquid creamer. I apologize for the confusion!

Minioetschel: Yes, you can divide it. I weigh out the jello powder to ensure I'm using 1/2 of a box.


I am making this recipe, I used vanilla pudding mix, sweet Italian coffee mate, and vanilla. So far the batter is heavenly, can't wait to see the outcome. I'll post a picture on Sunday when the cake is complete. Thank you for the recipe!


I changed up the recipe, with vanilla pudding, Sweet Italian Coffee Mate, and vanilla, so far the batter tastes heavenly, can't wait for the out come, thanks for the recipe! I' ll post the completed cake on Sunday.


What flavor of icing do you usually use for this cake mix? I'm thinking of making this for a baby shower cake that I will be using fondant on but need a good icing for the crumb coat. This sounds so very yummy!