oreo truffle balls

tasty oreo balls


Amount Ingredient 1 Pkg. Oreos 1 8-oz Pkg. Cream Cheese 2 Boxes Bakers semi-sweet chocolate squares


Put cream cheese in a large bowl. In a Zip-lock bag crush oreos well. Add oreos to cream chesse and mix with hands. In a bowl melt chocolate in microwave. Roll dough into 1″ ball. One by one dump into chocolate. Place on wax paper. Put in fridge until harden

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I experimented with this and used the Mint OREO's and the Ande's mint baking chips! They are wonderful.. Today I tried them with Nutter Butter's since nothing with peanut butter can be bad! I dipped them in white chocolate that I had melted 1/4 cup of peanut butter with. I tried using milk chocolate chips, but it didn't taste right to me. I imagine there are tons of varities for this if we get creative! I am interested to know if anybody else has tried them differently. also, I use my food processor to grind the cookies (takes about 30 seconds) and then mix in the cream cheese in the processor too. It turns into a mush, so I put it in the fridge before I started rolling them


I've made these several times this holiday season and they are heavenly! However, I dip mine in almond bark (melted) and sometimes melt a little bit of choc. chips and put in a baggie, clip a small hole in the corner of the bag and drizzle choc. over truffles. Other things I know about this receipe: do not use double stuffed oreo (use original oreos); you can put oreos in food processor or blender and chop until very fine crumb; pour crumbs into bowl and use hands to blend well with softened cream cheese; form into 1 or 2 inch balls and place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper and put in frig for for 30 minutes; melt choc chips or almond bark in microwave or in double boiler (it helps to add tablespoon of crisco to this to thin...do not use oil); carefully dip balls one at a time and place back on wax paper to harden. They are Heavenly!


I can not use dairy ingredients in my baking. I can get away fine, usually, with parve substitutions but would soy cream cheese in these just be plain gross?


Can't wait to try these, just one quick question. Can you make these as cake-pops? Will they hold pinto the stick? Thanks!


This is a recipe from the Kraft food website. So credit should be given where credit is due. Especially if it is NOT your original recipe. I made these for my neices & nephews as part of their christmas present this year/2011. There are variations of this recipe on the kraft.com website. Peanut butter chocolate truffles, etc. I did my first batch as recipe stated, making crumbs of the cookies in the food processor. They were too fine for my liking. So 2nd batch, I put cookies in my mini-chop, nice good size chunks of cookie. Liked that better. I also added left over chocolate icing with the cream cheese.