Rainbow Cupcakes

I love this recipe, the only problem is that if you use too much cake or food coloring it’s going to make your tounge turn pretty colors! =D


  • Red Food Coloring or Icing color
  • Orange Food Colorig of Icing color
  • Yellow Food Coloring or Icing color
  • Green Food Coloring or Icing color
  • Blue Food Coloring or Icing color
  • Purple Food Coloring or Icing color
  • Any White or Yellow cake mix. (I find that Pillsbury Moist Surpreme, White cake Mix, works best)
  • Six Pastry or Ziploc Bags (if you use the Ziploc Bags use a rubber band to tie the open end of the Ziploc closed)

  • 6 cereal bowls
  • 6 Toothpicks
  • 2 Cupcake Tins
  • 24 Cupcake Liners


  1. First mix up the cake like you would normally. Next Put the cupcake liners in the pan. Then distribute the cake mix evenly into the six cereal bowls. Then Using the toothpicks (This only works if you’re using the icing color gel. if your not then i suggest using one or two drops to get the color and then if it still isn’t the shade desired keep adding the coloring one drop at a time) color the mixes to your desire, making sure not to use too much color.
    Pour the batter into the pastry(or Ziploc bag) and snip of the end. then using the red cover the bottom of the liner. then orange then Yellow, and so on. make sure u get these in the oven fairly fast after you fill the liners otherwise they’ll merge together.
    There you have it everyone. A perfectly delicious rainbow cupcake!
    Enjoy! =D

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nice idea but i think if you hold a few colors in your hand at the same time you can get the swirl effect that everyone loves so much. Thanks so much for the instructions!!!!


LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! I made Rainbow cupcakes for my daughter 2 years in a row for her end of school parties. They are always a big hit. The kids and teacher really love them. I do not use the ziploc bags to seperate the batter, just divide the batter equally into small bowls and then add the Wilton food coloring. Then using a large spoon, spoon the colors layer by layer until you have a rainbow. I typically put on a layer of solid color frosting, so it a big surprise when the person eating the cake bites into it and sees the beautiful colors. Thanks for posting. I will give the Ziploc bags a try the next time I make the rainbow design.


Shimaohana, I definetly agree! I LOVE making these cupcakes! They're especially a hit with my six year old cousin. Since I always make cakes for family birthdays and get togethers, I always seem to run out of pastry bags, by October. Which is why I think using the Ziploc bags are nice! Bakingshell, I think I know what you mean! and i think you're right! Again thanks for the comments!


i love this idea im definantley going to try it very very soon!! is it possible to do this with a cake? has anyone ever tried?


rozedcj, I have tried it, and it actually turned out really cool! =D It was for my nieces rainbow themed birthday(cool huh?) and i used skittles to make a rim around the cake. but if i haven't said this before then you have(i can not emphasize this enough) to make sure you put it in the oven fairly fast so the colors don't meld together and you get a yucky shade of brown or and ugly yellowish, color. Thnx again for the comments guys! =D I appriciate it! =D LilCakeLover007