black forest

i baked a black forest cake for my grandmother and it had chocolate flavored and in between it had some strawberries all over round the cake and also the white cream which was not too sugary and very tasty the strawberries were to make the cake more alive and pleasant to eat for her and on the decorating part i decided to write her name and how old she was turning to and also from her children mum and her grand children granny she was perplexed and everybody enjoyed the cake i9 never expected it to come out very pleasant and tasty.


  • -3eggs
  • -11/4 cups of water

  • -1 box of cake mix

  • -1/3 cup of cooking oil

  • -13″ by 9″ baking pan

  • -mixing bowl

  • -mixer(or by hand)

  • -cake toppings (any kind)

  • -measuring spoons and cups


  1. 1:Take your mixing bowl open the cake mix and pour it in the bowl

2:Take the three eggs crack them and put them in the mixing bowl

3:Take the 11/4 cups of water and put in the mixing bowl

4:Take the 1/3 cup of cooking oil and mix it in the bowl

5:Mix with the mixer or by hand

6:Pour the mixture in the 13″ by 9″ baking pan after being greased

7:Put the pan in the oven on for 350 for 25-30 min

8:After baked let it cool off for at least 10 minutes

9:After it cools down you can decorate with any desired cake decorations

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I guess you just wanted to call this a black forest cake. But this is not the recipe for black forest cake (looks like the recipe on the back of the box). Black Forest cake is chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and cherry filling.


Sounds like your grandmother and family enjoyed the cake you made her. Your love was put into it. I too have made this with strawberries and whipped cream for those strawberry lovers who don't like cherries. BRAVO to you! Baking is fun, don"t STOP. Enjoy it with a smile.


That sounds lovely Mercytum. And I'm sure your mum and grand mom and familywere very very pleased!


Don't forget the icing recipe. "Take the lid off the can and then peel the foil top off the can and stick a butter knife in the can and put some on the cake until the whole cake is covered."


Mercytum - Thank you for sharing your love of baking. I'll bet you're family is very proud of your baking and enjoy everything you make. Keep it up and don't be afraid to post other recipes. Don't let snide comments from others keep you from enjoying your baking journey.