Easy Vanilla Pound Cake

This is something I came up with using a few other tricks I learned here on cake central. This cake is really good with a Bavarian Cream Filling. And is a huge hit because of how moist this cake is.


  • 1 Box of Duncan Heins Classic White Cake Mix
  • 3 eggs (whole) – The box calls for egg whites use whole eggs
  • 1/4 cup oil plus the 3 table spoons the box calls for
  • 1 3.5 oz package of vanilla pudding mix


  1. Mix all ingredients according to the box directions but substitue the egg whites for whole eggs and add in the pudding and extra oil. After baking and cooling put your cake inside a bag (like a plastic grocery bag) over night- make sure if you use grocery bags to tie them tight and lock in the moisture. I aslo wrap them in parchment paper when I put them in the bags just for protection and putting more than one cake in one bag at a time.This makes your cake super moist. Tada!! Very Very easy and everyone will think you baked it from scratch tastes nothing like a boxed cake!! Tastes like a true pound cake…

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That sounds really good I'll have to try it. I also have a box cake recipe that I really like. I like it because it is more dense, super moist and is great for teared and 3-D cakes. 1 box mix ( any brand and flavor) I usually use betty crocker 4 eggs 1 C. water 3 Tbls. veg. oil Mix and bake as directed on cake box.


Do you have a good recipe for bavarian cream? I've tried a couple that I found on here, but none really came out right. Anything will help. Thanks. :)


I do I found it on here but alter it with less cool whip...look for the easy bavarian cream recipe. Let me know if you cant find it. That recioe is also good when you substitute the vanilla pudding for cheesecake pudding. I also sometimes put a little strawberry cream pudding to make ot like strawberry cheesecake and put it in my vanilla and steawbery marble cake...Yumm!!! I get requests for it all the time. Its very popular..


I've been looking for a good recipe for a cake mix that is good for making 3d cakes and shaping. I will try this one and Brenda4506's recipe! I hope it works.