Simple yellow cake

This cake recipe has been my favourite for years! It is soft, spongy and simple as it is!


  • 250g Salted butter
  • 135g Fine sugar
  • 5 Eggs (Separated)
  • 135g Plain flour (Sift)
  • 2 TSP Baking powder (Sift)


  1. Beat butter for 5 minutes at high speed.
    Add sugar and continue beating for another 5 minutes.
    Add egg yolks one at a time at low speed…
    Add flour and baking powder. (Do not over beat!)
    Whisk egg whites till stiff in a seprate bowl and add into cake batter.
    Stop beating once the egg white has incorporated.
    Grease a 8″ pan.
    Bake at 345 F or 175 C for 1 hour.


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