this is my recipe of cheesecake it’s really good!!


  • 2-3 premade crust your choice i like the nilla wafer crust or shortbread crust
  • 1 can condensed milk or 1/2 a can (again your choice)i use the whole can
  • 1/2 c sugar i use evaporated cane sugar it comes out nice and firm with this kind of sugar or if you want smooth and soft cheesecake use regular sugar;-)
  • 1tb vanilla
  • 4 eggs
  • 32oz cream cheese (4 packs)soft


  1. beat cream cheese with sugar until smooth
    add cond milk and beat
    add eggs 1 @ a time
    add vanilla mix well dont over mix
    at 350 pre heated oven
    place in a water bath for about 30-38 min
    depends how soft or firmer you want it i like mine firm so i leave it for 38 min until the top is nice and lightly brown i leave it in the water bath until it cools completely then place in fridge over night
    i add chopped srawberries mixed with strawberry glaze on top and it is yuummyy!!!

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this are the graham cracker crusts not pie crusts!! you can use any kind you like, this recipe can make up to 3 cheesecakes because the graham cracker crusts are not very big at all the regular size, theyre like 1 inch deep and about 7 inches wide my favorite is nilla wafer crust or the oreo cookie crust you can make any kind you like i make it with the oreo cookie crust then crumble up some oreo cookies on top of batter before i bake it it comes out so good!!!! or instead of cookies i add chocolate chips that is my favorite


To explain a water bath... Place the cheesecake on a cookie sheet in the oven,then poor water onto the cookie sheet.Bake