Here Comes The Train!

Another birthday cake for my sweet little rascal. He is stuck in the train stage...Doesn't want to let it go. Soooo, mom made a cake for him with a chocolate train. Of course, the rascal that he is complained: "Mom, I wanted a birthday cake... not a birthday tart!" Oh... where is Herod when I need him! Anyway, tart or cake he loved the train and the realistic landscape. The tart is called San Diego, is was originally designed to be a petit four. Base of sweet tart dough, one layer of chocolate hazelnut paste and the top layer of pistachio almond paste. Very rich and fulfilling indeed. Decorated with hazelnut-chocolate paste tracks and borders, ground pistachios, cocoa powder and tart dough crumbs.

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It sounds simply wonderful and looks beautiful!  Some day your little rascal will realize that most children never have a treat this special.  Anyone can have a cake!