Retirement Cake

Last October was a month of many retirements at work. Our company offered the “Golden Handshake” which is basically an attractive retirement package to anyone close to retirement, thinking about an upcoming retirement or anyone wanting to find employment elsewhere. This was offered to help the company’s budget in the upcoming year(s) and we had close to about 40 people who accepted the offer. I made this cake for two of my coworkers and then made 3 separate mini cakes for 3 other coworkers. We gifted them with vintage engraved forks I found on Etsy. I found inspiration for this cake on Pinterest. This cake was a chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream and fresh sliced strawberry filling and frosted with Frostin Pride. My handwriting on a cake is not so good and I never get it aligned right so my trick is to find a font I like, trace it with royal icing on waxed paper and transfer it to the cake (or on fondant plaques). The smaller cakes were 4” mini chocolate cakes with buttercream filling and frosting cake

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Beautiful! The icing is so smooth and therefore gives way to the well piped border. The method you used for the writing worked so well.


Great job! And as you are going to retire you perhaps know a bit about office stuff, right? Do you know if the pay is good for government jobs? I am really facing a dilemma now. I want to work as a medical college dean assistant in Maharashtra and was almost given an offer. Well, I hope I will be given it soon. But on another hand at layboard I was found a post of security officer at Hindu college in Doha. Travel and lodging paid by the employer. I don't know what to choose. Government job looks pretty on one hand, but on another hand I have a family to support. My mother had been raising me and my siblings alone.