Sculpted Wedding Cake

Sculpted Wedding Cake on Cake Central

this cake was so different for me to make because I am a pro wedding cake maker — in other words business owners paid me by the hour to pop out their cakes — time was always of the essence —

this photo is of my own dummy cake for a photo shoot that I reincarnated several times because I had too much time on my hands — but I actually like it — after not having seen it for a few years —

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That is an amazing design, Kate!  What a shame you didn't get to supply your own designs to customers.  How did you do the texture (horizontal groves) in the second tier?


reginab -- i would set the glass cake stand (being used upside down if i remember correctly) into a foamcrater so it couldn't slide --i love to cut foam and have the hot cutters -- thank you


sandra -- i dipped cloth covered wire into piping gel, wiped it off smooth and rolled it in colored sugar crystals -- 

i did get to do originals usually from home -


thank you, sandra -- my son is visiting his in-laws and he asked me to send him some pictures so i went looking around -- and found some that looked not so bad --