Mater Castissima

Mother Most Chaste -A litany to The Blessed Virgin Mary. A cake for the Solemn Profession of two young nuns. Two white doves and Easter lilies, symbols of purity and chastity. Covered and decorated with buttercream. Accents and flowers in fondant, pastillage and a mixture of the two. The inside was yellow cake with chocolate fudge filling. Picture of the sisters cutting the cake courtesy of the Benedictines of Mary Queen of The Apostles.

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Thanks Sandra... I use every cake to learn something new! For the heart, I made it in pastillage, then I glaze it with a mixture of royal icing and red glitter gel. The cornstarch in the pastillage will absorb the extra moisture from the gel. Within four days, the finish was glossy. It was still a little tacky yesterday, but I handle it carefully by the trim. Oh, and I made the design on top with a toothpick before it dried! By the way... what chapter are you at?