House Cake

Constructive advice please bearing in mind I am self taught hobby decorator.... I took on this project to build a replica house for the aged care facility that my Mum resides in. Although the recipients were more than happy ... I just feel the finished are very rough! I know the reason for this is I just ran out of time! The cake was 50cm x 30cm, 8kg of Chocolate Mud Cake and approx 4kg of Vanilla Sponge (8x30cm Slabs)! How far in advance do you all bake your cakes and how do you manage your time. I wish I didn’t have to put the roof on as it was looking a lot neater before that!

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That is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!  The detail around the porches, the windows!  It's a cake,  you're not doing construction (although, you kind of are) and the job you did is AMAZING!!!  BRAVO!!!