Ruffle Ombre Cake

Fondant, ombre ruffles with a fantasy lily for Linda and Gayland's 48th anniversary.

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Thank you for your sweet words, WeezyS!  Oh yes and number one on my "can't do" list is piping!  I admire a beautifully piped cake so much, but I am hopeless!


Oh, Sandra, It's Gorgeous!    And I know how you dislike fondant.  lol

When I was playing around with decorating, or Any kind, I found that the only semi-successes I had were in molding little figurines.  But then, of all that I made, the only thing that got sent out into the world were my Bunny butt cupcakes.
But I had fun, as long as my body held out, just sitting in the kitchen, feeling like a kid with Play-Dough!  

And one of these days, I'll send you a few pics of what I made....privately, of course.  And then depending on what you think, I might....Might post them here.  It's crazy how many of them still look they could be plopped down on a cake today!  I guess the humidity here is not so bad.

Again....your work is matter the technique or medium!


Christie, you are always so kind.  Thank you, sweet friend.

You shouldn't be worried about posting anything, no matter how good or not so good.  We all started at the beginning and you already know we are not a critical bunch.  It is a little more tricky to learn to use, but I am in love with modeling chocolate.  You can achieve details just like with sculpting clay.  Of course, it will melt, if you handle it too long.

I am sure you could use them on a cake today.  I have one of my very first pieces, which is a combination of modeling chocolate and fondant, which is five years old and it has not changed appreciably from when it was first made.  It has been lightly covered to keep off the dust and it did prevent fading too.  Some of my pieces do fade, but they are easy to touch up.