12 And Half Year Anniversary

12 And Half Year Anniversary on Cake Central

A couple from church were married for 12 and a half years and they celebrated it with a garden reception. They love the painter Mondrian and wanted to incorporate it to the cake. We designed the cake together. The cake itself was iced in buttercream and the middle tier had fondant details. I made the pattern directly on the cake without a ruler or any other tool, using only a pizza knife. The morning of the reception it was very rainy, so I took a umbrella with me. We prayed for good whether and one hour before the reception the sun came out and the weather became very nice. Thank you Jesus!!! The sun was shining so bright that I had to use my umbrella to protect the cake from melting in the sun until they arrived LOL

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HOw nice and quite different.  I can't believe you did the work on that center tier with no help - great job!