Birthday on Cake Central

11x15 sheet yellow cake with buttercream flowers

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Nice to be thought of, thanks. I've been coming to cake Central but  had not joined till now.

Lots of talented people here. Love looking at all the cakes.

Have a problem with Pinterest site, can't do anything, not just me thought, it's all over in different places.

Can't even delete old site or create new one. Bummer !!!!



I've never used Pinterest, except to look at pictures.  Betty, the Forum on this site is the best part.  Since you have about a million years of experience, like -K8memphis (Kate) and kakeladi (Lynne), you would be a valuable teacher to lots of folks.  You were certainly one of my very first advisers.  I've learned everything I know from people like you guys.


Thanks for your kind words, I haven't been to the forum yet,  but would be glad to help anyone if I can. There is so much that I still have to learn I'll check it out.        


I tell beginners that all the time, Betty.  We never quit learning.  Each project teaches me so much, not to mention all the new tricks I learn from those of you far more experienced than I.