Going Away Party Cake

Moving themed 3D cake to resemble moving boxes. Fondant covered and all decorations created using fondant, gumpaste and edible images.

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Wait a Minute!!!!!!

Are you telling me that the Cardboard, and the packing peanuts are fondant, etc?  

This is Amazing.....my jaw won't shut!    Insanely Cool!


Thank you!  Yes, the packing peanuts are all fondant and the cardboard is fondant & fondant/gumpaste mix.  The bottom cake is 10" wide, approx. 9.5" tall & the top cake is slightly smaller than that.



I was born into a Cardboard Manufacturing family.  Grandparents owned it, parents met while working there, and Uncle was the last to work there, sold it, and retired a fairly wealthy man.  My cousins and I used to play in the piles of new sheets, as well as the reject boxes.  We all learned to size up the quality of cardboard very fast! 

Your work......It's confusing my brain more than it has been in Years!

Incredible work!

Well Done.....Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow and Wow leagallyshe

This is one phenomenal cake!!!! Totally looks like real cardboard boxes!! So gonna share your cake on my FB and Pinterest page!!!