Golden Anniversary Cake

Featuring Wilton gold sequins on top and buttercream ruffles on the bottom (Shannon Bond Craftsy course). I also followed a Nicholas Lodge "Ultimate Rose" course on Craftsy which I highly recommend. Very simple and fast method but he gives so many tips to amp up the final product. I couldn't be happier with my roses. The stephanotis are as per the Wilton course I took 3 years ago, so fast. The violets were a major pain in the butt as I didn't have the cutter so ended up cutting down a plunger I had and pairing that with a round cutter. Not exactly on the same level as my other flowers but oh well. They added a touch of color and since violets and yellow roses are the "official flowers" of the 50th anniversary, I felt I needed to add them.

Biggest challenge came with wiring all those flowers together. Of course I had two flowers with "easy to break" tips which caused a lot of cursing. If anyone can recommend a good online course for sugar flower arranging, I would appreciate the insight!

Oh and the "50" was done with cake lace as I wanted something nice and thin.

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Comments (2)


Lovely cake and your flower arrangements are gorgeous!  I have both the Shannon Bond buttercream course and the Nicholas Lodge Ultimate Rose course and love both of them.  I've made many roses, but have not yet gotten the nerve to try the buttercream piping.  I am afraid of piping bags and nozzles, lol!


Bahahaha! I’ve seen your cakes Sandra. Of all people here, YOU most certainly don’t need to fear a new technique. That said, it took me a few tries to get the diagonal ruffles down. And then, “winging” the line angle didn’t work out so perfectly. I started sweating when my diagonal became more and more vertical