Train Cake

My first sculpted cake! Ok, it didn't turn out exactly as planned but people loved it. Created for my home town's 100th anniversary. Made from carrot cake filled with cream cheese SMB and covered with a white chocolate SMB, except for the "boiler" which I covered with white chocolate ganache for extra stability. The boiler I had to make from 2 cakes baked in cans. I attempted a single can 7" long but the cake just would not bake! Hence why it is bent a bit since I didn't put a dowel horizontally through the middle until the ganache set up. I had sliced it in half to add my filling, hence the omission. And I just don't know why the cabin seems wonky.

Anyhow, all pieces are cake minus the roof and front "cow catcher" which are Rice Krispies. First time also using confectioner glaze. Wow, that stuff is a pain to get out hey? I had no idea. A bit of scrubbing and lemon juice did the trick though.

I also had to dowel under the cabin and under the boiler. Each boiler roof "topper" had a toothpick inserted to hold it in place but the Wilton candy melts I used as glue secured them. I just didn't want to chance it. Also, the bell wire is actual wire as I couldn't figure out how to make an edible option!

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You are being way too nitpicky, Lynne!  This is a fabulous cake!  You did a wonderful job!  I know you learned a ton from this experience, if you are like me.  Next time it will be even better!


Thank you Sandra. Absolutely each project I take on features new techniques so I learn alot from the frustrations!  Ironically I had a very detailed tutorial I purchased from Paul Bradford for this train but of course changed some of the details (to better reflect how our local train looks). He cuts rounds out of cake which he stacks vertically for the boiler. I wanted horizontal stacking to use my SMB vs the ganache Paul uses, hence baking in a can. So yeah moral of the story: when you pay for a tutorial follow the directions