Tank Cake

First cake for icing smiles! The little boy requested a military cake and expressed an interest in tanks so I decided to make the whole cake a tank. It is supposed to be an m1 Abrams. It's about 17x8 inches half chocolate half vanilla with Liz marek fondant and satin ice gumpaste. because the birthday boy can't have artificial dyes I used a tbl cocoa in the fondant to turn it beige. The wheels section is using artificial dyes but he can easily avoid. I used cocoa to dust the cake and give it that weathered sort of look. This was fun!

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thank you @MsGF ‍  !!! I was a little worried because I think the boy was disappointed there werent' any people ... but they didn't specify! And also I was worried things had fallen off overnight .. or they just were picturing something else .. I know it is a good cake so I hope I am just being crazy for no reason :D