"oh The Places You'll Go" Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

"oh The Places You'll Go" Pull Apart Cupcake Cake on Cake Central

This is a cupcake cake I made for my daughters pre k graduation tomorrow. 6x4 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. The stripes are done with buttercream. Other accents are MMF

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@Coffeelover77 ‍, this is delightful!  You did a beautiful job on your design and characters and it is so smooth and perfect, I would never have guessed that it is a pull-apart cupcake cake.  Well done!


Thank you so much @SandraSmiley ‍ !

The stripes were a huge pain, I'm not great at piping and I only have one ribbon tip so had to switch it out for each color! the fondant characters were really easy because I used edible markers and have no problem drawing things. Now piping without my hand shaking .. hahaha

thank you!  my daughter loves it