The Cakerator

My Steampunk experience is mostly based on sight; short and full length features, books, jewelry, and societies I can follow via social media. I've only made a few cakes that combined the aged look of Victorian scroll-work and gears and cogs working together. I love the idea of bringing old world fashion, mechanics, and lifestyle into a more modern world. I also like the notion that machinery works on steam power. That inspired me to choose appliances as my contribution for this collab. At the time my thinker is thinking I'm also channeling Rube Goldberg and my own profession. I decided to make a steam powered cake decorator!

Now the challenging part of this is to keep it fantasy and not actually try to make it work (BIG chuckle). After placing your cake atop the turntable, I imagine that if you were to turn the crank water would flow to the machine and begin to heat up. If you want the turntable to turn and the piping bags to simultaneously decorate you'll also need to depress the switches. Once the steam rises into the bubbles it's dispersed through the pipes to get things moving! I think a combination of depressed switches gives you different decorating techniques too.

My favorite part of my contribution are the isomalt bubbles atop the steam generator and the isomalt crank. I love how the bubbles are at different phases with steam filling into them (at least that's what my imagination tells me). And the crank is quite inviting...don't you want to give it a go?

A HUGE thank you to my friend Stephen Salazar SSphoto of Stephen Salazar Photography for the amazing eye he has! Not one detail of this amazing machine has been missed! LOVE IT!

We've traveled through time and space to bring you the steampunkiest of cake creations! Sweet treats created by some of the geekiest cake artists around. So put on your goggles, lace up your corset and head on over to and check out all the steampunkery awesomeness!


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