3D Chess

Invited to contribute a project using Simi Isomalt...wouldn't say no! I had my heart set on showing everyone that Sidney's product can literally stand up and defy gravity!

No internal structure, The sugar is supported with sugar. Thanks for looking.

I think I have a mold problem...silicone that is! I often see silicone molds as a new accessory for my isomalt station inside my studio. I found these chess pieces and have been dying to cast Simi Isomalt in them. Over the summer I saw an interesting game while attending the Star Trek convention; 3D Chess. Completely dazzled and inspired I set a goal to make a similar piece in isomalt. The entire project is Simi isomalt. There is no internal structure, all of the boards and "rods" are assembled with melted isomalt. I created the boards by printing an Icing Images iDesign checkerboard pattern onto Simi Transfer Sheets then I cast Simi Clear Isomalt atop. The pieces were melted clear isomalt cast in two part, 360 design molds. I used TheSugarArt Classic Gold and Nu Silver powder luster colors to dry dust each piece once cooled. The pieces are NOT attached to the project so you can actually play, you just may want to find a Vulcan to show you how. Live Long and Prosper!

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