Art Across The Spectrum

I was invited to participate in a collaboration about autism. I was very drawn to this collab, because I have people in my personal life who are diagnosed with autism. When I was scrolling the internet I found an amazing story about a autist girl, Marcy Deutsch, with an extraordinary talent for art. She draws animals in a highly photorealistic manner. I based the design of my cake on one of her drawings. It is a drawing of robins in the snow. I love how serene the robins looked in their habitat, so I wanted to recreate that in a cake. This is the final result. I hope Marcy Deutsch is as happy with the result as I am! If you want to read more about Marcy Deutsch and her journey check out her facebook page and read the article ‘art across the spectrum’ (by Debra Muzikar) “Because of my autism I connect to the animals and nature around and see far more detail than the average [person] can see. Yet I can’t draw people; I don’t see their faces and have a harder time connecting. I tend to see nature as relaxing and beautiful.” —Marcy Deutsch

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Wow...Incredible cake, and an incredible story. Thank you for the gift of sharing this art and this story with the rest of us.