Persian Palace

This is my very first cake post to this site.... Hope you all like it! The theme for this lovely ladies party was Arabian Nights. She is a doctor and a very spiritual person so I wanted to capture the majesty of Arabian architecture and the magnificent mosques of that region. It was a very large cake and it is ALL cake…apart from the pillars. This was definitely a challenge, but I was very happy how it turned out…..and so was she. All the detail is handpainted.

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This is simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the perfect person for my question! my hands are pretty unsteady for the most part, any advice when hand painting details?


Thankyou for your comments everyone! A great welcome indeed... As far as the handpainting advice goes...I am no expert....but elevating the cake so you can rest your elbows on the table really works for me....and steadying your painting hand with the other is also good. Hope that helps MsLiaJ.