Valentine Wedding

Valentine themed wedding cakes in soft blush pink with silver and white accents.

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Hi Rebekah, What a beautiful cake . I was wondering if you"d be willing to share some info. I just had a client send me your photo of this cake . What a nice compliment to you !  I was trying to guess the sizes of all the cakes including the single beauty if you could share that it would be helpful.  She needs hers to be for 75- 100 people. which i think this could work if i have the sizes right.  Also was wondering how many flowers you got on top of the single one and there's a few I don't recognize. Any other info you would be willing to share is much appreciated.  I just finished watching your tutorial for the ruffles.  Thank you for that. Im sure you are a busy lady but unfortunately I have to get back to my client by Wednesday to give her a quote. So if you can respond as soon as you can I would truly appreciate it.   Sweet Blessings  TIA


I can't remember exactly the details you've asked me for because it was a few years ago that I made this cake. I believe the tiers are 8x4, 6x5, 5x2, and 4x4 with the two inch cake being a foam separator tier. The small cake is a simple 6-inch cake. No clue how many flowers are on the top, probably 2 or 3 large roses, a peony and some filler flowers and buds, maybe a cosmos? The flowers are white and I added some non-edible brooches into the centers of some. 

The tiers show would serve approximately 55-60 guests.


Wow Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly Rebekah!  OK Its hard to tell in a photo sometimes sizes too. My guesses were not terrible but i was off on a few of them. lol    Knowing an estimate of what you used certainly helps me figure better for her serving amount needs.  I knew the rose and peony but that one flower on top I wasn't sure and wasn't sure if you put different ones on the back also. All this info definitely helps me  and is setting me in the right direction i need to go.  You are very talented and do beautiful work. I've now followed you here on CC and on your You Tube Channel and look forward to other beautiful creations you share in the future.  Thank you again you have been a true blessing to me.  Thanks for the quick response.  Sweet Blessings :]