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my sons birthday cake last yr, he always tests me

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It would be great if you would give us some details.  How much is real cake?  How long did it take you to complete? 


gorgeous dinosaure!!!i know what i m talking about,because,i ve made one for my teen daughter,and it was very difficult to achieve;i finally just made a small dino in rkt,because i couldn  figure out how to build the structure correctly and safely,

and i was afraid about achieving the right colour and the right texture of the body;

anyway,congratulations for this piece of art,you did great!!

could you share with CC members some of the process with some pictures?it would be very helpful for novice cakers like me.


Hi, I have tried to load some pics of the internal structure but it's freezing on the processing section.

i used PVC pipe for the internal structure, screws and 90 degree brackets to secure it to the board, which i put feet on so it was easier to lift. MDF for the board which i screwed into the PVC.

i did glue it all together as it was the first time i've made anything like this lol and was worried about movement...but he was solid as.

i used RKT to mould his legs and bottom of his neck and belly. His head is also RKT.

the top of his body is all cake and a little up his neck, the tail is polystyrene which i wedged and glued onto the smaller PVC tail.

covering it was actually the easiest part lol, did it in sections and then used a crocodile skin mat to give a little texture and then cut lines into him aswell. he was all ivory RTR to make it easier and it also allowed me to work on his head and sculpture it to what I wanted.

then the colour, started of light and worked to the dark, just played with the shadows and blending.

his teeth took a little time as they are small, royal icing for the base and imitation plants for the greenery.

think that's the lot lol, if i can work out the pics i will post some or i could try and email them directly, hope this helps a little though.

have a good day


thanks a lot for taking your time to share the process;

this is not easy to figure it out,though! it seems really technical for me!!not an easy job!!

i can figure out how hard & a long process before achieving such a  great cake!!


i would be very happy to get some pictures in my mail box when you can,thanks a lot