Mr Vanilla Brain

Cake on a simpler side, not meant to be too realistic of a Zombie head, just for my kids and their friends. I did have fun making candy teeth and other treats this year

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Who ate the nearly detached eyeball?  OMG--THIS IS CUTE!  How old were the kids?  Did they go nuts when they saw this????  You did good!


Haha, thank you all!  

Yeah, my near-7-year old ate the eyeball.

Kids ranged from 4-11, and while individually they were chickening out - once a group it turned into "who can eat most brain in most disgusting way". Fondant "skin" was easy to peel off, adding to amusement. Fun was had. The cake was tasty, too! Bottom is chocolate-raspberry, and from eyeball-level up, it is butter-vanilla white, with raspberry cream-cheese filling, and cherry pie filling added for more gore and splatter. :-)