Mary Poppins Themed Cake

Mary Poppins Themed Cake on Cake Central

This was ordered by the mum of a friend of mine. Anyone who knows Sharron, knows how she's a real Mary Poppins and the children she looks after adore her! Now, if she could just pop her brolly up, fly over here and tidy up my kitchen, spit spot, with a clap of her hands, that would be marvellous!!! Apart from Mary herself on the cake, there are the birds at St Pauls, kites to fly and sweeps' brooms popping out of chimneys! 9" chocolate sponge covered with marzipan and then covered with sugarpaste. Inscription hand-piped with royal icing. Sorry I don't know who to credit with the original design, but I was given a photo of a cake....


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