80Th Birthday Cake For A Seaman

This cake was a real labour of love - I loved the design, but working with black fondant and gold lustre is just a complete nightmare! This was for a gentleman's 80th birthday who used to work as a 4th engineer for the British Steam Navigation Company before it was taken over by P&O. The cake was actually meant to have more striping around the base of the cake to mimic the striping on his uniform jacket sleeves, but my extruder broke - I was so disappointed. Anyway, everything is edible apart from the 'BI' on the logo - I didn't have anything small enough to either paint or pipe that, so it's just a print out stuck on top of gumpaste. The logo is hand cut out of gumpaste and then brush embroiered and painted with gold lustre. This is a 6" square (5" high) with fererro rocher filling.


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