I Made This Cake Using Kaysie Lackeys Balance Method Flange Screwed Into Wooden Base Threaded Center Pipe Covered In Plastic Each Cake I

I made this cake using Kaysie Lackey's balance method. Flange screwed into wooden base, threaded center pipe covered in plastic. Each cake is balanced on center pole using a washer and nut. This cake was super heavy. The construction is so strong, I actually transported this cake fully assembled.

I was foryunate to learn this with Kaysie, but she covers teh method in this online class: http://tv.cakemasters.com/pages/course/portal.aspx?courseid=50

I wish the middle cake had been tilted a bit more for added drama. I chose lemon blossom for the bottom tier since they represent fidelity and roses on the middle represent love. I tried a new technique in the middle tier which did not work out well. I drew with edible marker a rose motif in grey on the fondant, then put the GP roses over the drawing. It was supposed to look like the drawing had come to life. Instead it just looked like I tried to cover a bad drawing with flowers. FAIL!

But I loved the rest of the cake.


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