A Chubby Little Artist Doll..... And Ohhhh So Messy !!!!

My niece told me what she wanted beginning of last year….. An ART based cake. I thought of a design then a month after I found out a cake designer I admire greatly (who didn’t know anything about what I had thought of ) had just created something similar and hers was awesome. I was happy that I was thinking along the same line but I didn’t want to do my design anymore, wanted to do something different.

That was it I had a design block on this one. Left it, did other cakes, went to Melbourne for a holiday, still didn’t know what to do, Got back from Melbourne, became sick( flu and sinus) still thinking of what to do. Baked the cakes just in case I wouldn’t have enough time. Three days before it was due I sort of had a vague idea and kind of developed on it. Literally after two sleepless nights, working through the day and night and getting frustrated and crying in between (oooops…) because one of the legs was curving and breaking( ‘cos I didn’t allow enough time for it to dry before attaching), had to redo the legs again :-) and the dress was tearing ( tooo hot in Sydney and the fondant was getting too soft), had to redo the dress again!!!. Wasn’t very happy with the detailed finish and the proportions, but didn’t have the time to fix it. Okay … Okay enough of my SOB story boring you to bits ….... :-), this is what I came up with in the end :-)

“A chubby little artist doll being very messy trying to draw and putting paint everywhere, even inside the cake, not being very happy with her drawing and throwing everything she has drawn and holding onto the ones she likes”.

My niece loved it, kept hugging me and thanking me at the party and got an email from her this morning too . That made my day and well worth all my sob story.

Thank you so much for looking and for your wonderful support.

P.S. This is the third time I am using this board with the support, such a versatile board, first was for the Star wars angry birds stacked cake, then it was Simon the chipmunk and now this. Thank you Verusca Walker for the initial Inspiration with the stacked cakes. Back in July when I was doing the chipmunk cake I initially wanted to raise the cake so that Alvin now Simon can stand on his legs but didn’t have the confidence then but after seeing Ana Remigio’s Minnie Mouse, I thought I will try the leg bit. So thank you so much Ana :-). She stands about 45cm high with her body made of Vegetarian Chocolate cake and the cushion seat made of plain butter cake. A messy little artist standup doll made of cake


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