16" Viola

This cake is up for review by the PRCC. I wanted to give my son a meaningful "wow" cake for his 15th birthday. I chose the Viola since it's his instrument of choice in Advanced Orchestra. Everything is edible, even the strings. I enlarged a template to get the true sizing of a 16" viola. The neck was a PITA to make, the tuning pegs work and I had fun making it. There are several things I would do differently and some things I may need you all to point out. TIA. It's a Red Velvet Key Lime cake with IMBC.

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You did a FANTASTIC job! I used to play the viola and I've just been asked to replicate one and saw yours come up in my search. I can imagine that the neck was a PITA to make. How about the bow? Any tips you can give would be appreciated. Thanks! :-)