Batman, Batcave

Batman, Batcave on Cake Central

I made this for a friend of mine. Ok, her five year old son. He wanted a toy and although I don't like putting toys on my cakes, I did purchase the batman on the bike or whatever they call it. I made the mask out of fondant. The bat with the name on it is made out of royal icing. The buildings are royal icing as well. My bat cave was made from rice crispy treats and I purchased peanut butter melts and dark chocolate melts, crumpled some seran wrap and poured the melted chocolate mix on top and put it in the freezer then dropped it on the counter. I coverd the cave in chocolate cream cheese butter cream and stategically placed the boulders on the cave and coverd the gaps with crushed nutter butters and oreos. The road strip is made from MMF and I put more crushed cookies along side the road. Thanks for looking.


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