Square Topsy Turvy Flower Wedding Cake

Square Topsy Turvy Flower Wedding Cake on Cake Central

A wedding cake for my hubby's old school friend, heavily inspired by Rebecca Sutterby, who kindly gave me her dimensions for carving. This bad boy weighed 25kg, there was a lot of chocolate in it!

This cake was a bit of a heart-breaker for me. It's a white chocolate & Kahlua mud cake with white chocolate ganache. The weather was so hot and humid the nights I covered and decorated it, the chocolate under the fondant melted and wreaked havoc with the fondant, as you can see! Well you know what they say, cover it with a flower. The design is a bit far off from the original plan! Thank goodness I had a lovely friend come over and help me make more flowers the night before the wedding, life-saver!


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