Baby Shower Cradle

Here's the project that my lovely customer told me I could do whatever I wanted with. All she said was that it was for a baby shower, gender unknown. For some reason, I instantly got the idea of a cradle in my head, and went searching the web for a picture of an actual cradle that I liked. Found one that looked something like this and I fell in love! Had to try it! Um...have you ever started a project, and in the middle of it practically shouted to no one at all, "What on EARTH was I thinking??" Yeah, me too. The Lord had mercy on my soul while putting this together. It's amazing what a little royal icing and some divine intervention can do for your state of being :) All the "wood" is made of a chocolate/gumpaste mix, including the nailheads and the carved "woodwork". I truly had a BLAST making the decorations for this one. Oh, and did I mention that my airbrush is one of my VERY favorite friends? lol...I've got a tutorial up on my facebook page, McGreevy Cakes now... :) Here's the link

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What size is the cake? What are the dimensions of the cradle? Is there a template for the cradle?  I would like to make it if I can get just a little more information. 

Thank you Keena 

you can email if you like 

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