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If items in the computer game Minecraft were translated to real life size, the cake block would be about 3 feet square. This one was only a 9 inch square but challenge enough! My son does not like fondant, and really wanted the different parts & colors to be flush, as they are in the game (and not have the white frosting 'sticking out' on top of the brown). So this is all buttercream (inset red squares are modeling chocolate), with the pattern on the sides piped on. Texture on the lower half is cinnamon pressed into the buttercream.

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What did you use to press the cinnamon into the buttercream? Did you do that after the whole cake was white or did you mix the Cinnamon into the buttercream and pipe on each section separately? This cake looks amazing...by the way.


I piped the lower part first, using colored frosting, and then pressed the cinnamon on by hand.  I don't remember for sure now, but I think I sprinkled it onto a Viva paper towel and pressed that against the cake with the help of a fondant smoother.

Then I cleaned up the edges with a sharp knife, and finally the white upper section was piped on and smoothed separately.

Thanks for the compliment!


Wow!!! Thank you :) well I rate yours a 10 out of 10! I made the red modeling clay and have a square cookie cutter so now just hoping the icing part comes out half as amazing as yours! Thank you for the inspiration and instructions :D