Story Avenue

*The Avenue Themed Cake

To understand this theme, you must really understand the story behind each tier. I will try to be as short as possible:)

This was done for a med student who loves all these things. Working together with her mother, we put together Avenues of her favorite things since she was a child until she graduated from med school.

The 1st tier is her Dream Ave, all her favorite princesses and her favorite books.

2nd Ave is the Game Ave where her favorite games are listed. In specific, Zelda. Link wins the battle, puts his sword down and holds the key to save the Princess. Yoshi and Rosalina, from Mario stand on the board cheering the whole theme:)

3rd Ave is Alya's favorite movie section. As you can see, Harry Potter is one her favorites and the cute owl sits on the reel:) Popcorn and pretzels compliments the whole theme...not to mention the movie tickets with Alya's Ave Movie:D

Last avenue is the Fashion Ave where we placed Alya's favorite perfume and accessories. Take a peak at the back of the cake to see Alya's favorite earrings. There was no room on the top so they were placed by her favorite childhood characters, Gus from Cinderella!! Now who can resist his cute face!

All other things on the board such as the Starbucks drink and the Pooh Bear gang are Alya's favorites!!

Now, last but not least, Alya stand high on a book, proud to have made it because SHE IS AWESOME!!!!


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