Wine Bottle In Boxcrate For My Wonderful Mother In Laws 75Th Birthday Luncheon Today Its A 12 X 7 Rich Fruit Cake Covered In Marzipan

Wine Bottle in box/crate for my wonderful mother-in-law's 75th birthday luncheon today. It's a 12" x 7" rich fruit cake covered in marzipan and then the box panels were a 50/50 mix of pastillage and modelling paste. The bottle is entirely sugar (flower paste and modelling paste), with several layers of glaze and an edible image for the personalised label. The packaging is chopped white chocolate cigarellos. Next time, I would leave the panels of the box *even longer* to dry before fixing to the cake, because it was only after they'd been in place a few hours that I saw they had bowed slightly. :o(


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