Smooth Criminal Cake

Smooth Criminal Cake on Cake Central

Thanks for the Kudos. It's a vanilla butter cake covered in Satin Ice. I made the figure by getting a pic of the net and laying it over fondant that was about 5mm thick (mixed with trag powder to harden). I traced the image, pulled the paper off and cut the image using a scalpel. I then inserted two wooden skewers into the feet to a depth of about one inch. Don't forget to cut out the tie and hat band gaps. I let that harden for about two weeks and pressed white fondant into the gaps to make the tie and hat band and trimmed as required. I then sketched the same image, but stretched onto paper and did the same process with fondant thinly rolled through a pasta roller (an awesome tool for fondant work). The glove is just fondant and use either edible sequins or diamonds. Carefully place the skewers into the cake to hold the figure in place. > Hope this answers some questions. Jeff


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