Hungry Caterpillar Party

For my son's third birthday party.

I made food to represent everything the hungry caterpillar ate (he ate all sorts of fruit, iceream, pickles, cheese, cupcakes, cherry pie, salami... etc!!). Some of the foods (like watermelon) were not available at this time of year, so I substituted them with goodies like the watermelon jelly pictured, mini plum cheesecakes, things like that.

Unfortunately my camera died before I could get any more photos, so the only photo I have of the finished party table was taken with a cellphone. The tattoo's I made with temporary tattoo paper, I loved those :) I was lucky enough that my lovely friend Doris did loads of graphics for me. She did signs for all the food (like on the watermelon and bottles), the tattoo layout, the caterpillar in circles etc. This was my first themed party, I was grateful for all your input Doris!


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