Wilton Romantic Castle Cake

Wilton Romantic Castle Cake on Cake Central

I made the Wilton castle cake for my BFF's daughters 3rd birthday party. I read as many reviews / accounts of making this cake as possible, as really didn't want anything collapsing on the way to the party! Turrets were covered with fondant, dampened the next day and patted with sparkling sugar, the flowers (400 of them!) were fondant with sugar pearl centres, and the leaves and beading were all piped in buttercream. The cake itself was vanilla HD sponge, and filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam (top tier dowelled for support). The most important thing I read was about people saying the towers fall over. I got a friends husband to drill holes in the bottom of the turrents and Candy Melt'ed in 7mm dowels. I also attached the towers that sat directly on the board with Candy Melts, on the base and between the tower and cake. The thing did not budge, even with a trip on my lap, uphill, in a builders van!

Enjoyed it thoroughly - it was my first experience of any kind of piping, so was pleased with how it turned out. Was very time consuming though - I spread out the prep work, but it probably took about 12 hours in total!


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