Shoe/shoe Box Cake

This was my first shoe cake and I must say I learnt a lot from it. The shoe broke several times but as a die-harder I patched it up several times :D It was originally meant for another cake but I just decided to use it for a free cake I made for my cousin (and learn more lessons that way). What made it hard for me was that I used 50/50 for the sole and that didn't dry as hard as I expected/wanted.... Anyway, I think I did the best I could in saving the shoe. The creases and dents on the shoe do show welll...but it was rescued out of love :). Even the box gave me stress...the fondant was too soft and using themeasured and cut sides didn't work for me as you can looks like it did slide/sag a bit....not my day I think. Anyway, the next shoe box cake is a reflection on what I learnt from this cake. TFL


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