Sleeping Baby Shower Cake

This cake was TOTALLY inspired, and darn near copied (although not as well) from a picture uploaded (that I saved to my faves) of a cake by Cakesue here on Cake Central. Hers is called "3D baby resting on a pillow," and it was uploaded in January of 2011. I have saved it and loved it and finally had a chance to try my hand at recreating it... like I said, I still like hers better, but it was fun to try. I'm most proud of my baby, though. I didn't use a mold to make it, because it was short notice and I didn't have time to order one... so I made this little baby out of gumpaste with my own fingers and a sharp stick... haha... and after about 10 tries, I got it right :-) All the other decorations are fondant. Thanks for looking!


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