Ruffles And Pearls

This is a WASC cake that I divided the batter in half and colored one half electric pink and the other half left white. Then I spooned in the center of each pan one color then the next until I was out of batter so that it would create a zebra striped pattern when cut into. The icing is good old fashioned butter cream made with real butter and Crisco. The roses in between each set of ruffles at the bottom of the cake is made from fondant pressed into a rose mold and then dusted with orchid luster dust. The pearls are fondant as well with super pearl luster dust. I also used small and large dragees on this cake. The ruffles are made with a rose tip, and the zigzag patterns are made with star tips. The pink on top was made with a small star tip and over piped on the white border. I'll add another picture so that you can see the top better.


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