First Wedding Cake!!!

This was my first wedding cake (and only one so far,) the largest cake I have ever done and my first time working with fresh flowers. This was my wedding gift for my friend. My hubby decided he was going to help me with the support (he likes doing that and also carving.) and I let him. It turnes out he only put support on the first layer so the top layer had no support!!! He thought I had done the middle layer. I wanted to kill him LOL. It was nerve wracking! Our table was right next to the cake and we spent the whole wedding praying for them to cut the cake. Thank god everything was fine. My friend love it and he told me he couldn't wait until his first anniversary to eat the cake again. Every guest that found out I made the cake came to congratulate me on it, which made me very proud (although I know the cake is definitely not flawless.) It was WASC and chocolate WASC with Rasberry filling covered in Satin Ice fondant.


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