"so Happy..."

I made this for my sister's birthday. =) (Although, she actually turned 33. I didn't even think about how old she was actually turning, so when she said to put 32 on it, I went ahead and did it. =) oops. And she didn't even notice that it was the wrong age until about 30 minutes after she first saw it. LoL.) And my sister's motto right now is a quote from the movie "Roman Holiday" which explains the "so happy." =)

All decorations, except the letters and yellow centers, were made using my circuit cake mini. It's the most I've ever used the thing. LoL.

And a side note: When I first began to make it, I realized I was out of cake boards, except one that was too big. So I trimmed it down and covered it with wax paper. And wouldn't you know, it was still too big. But it was late at night and I figured I wouldn't care. Well, the board was all brown and ugly sticking out of the bottom of the cake, all nicely decorated, and it was driving me nuts. So that's what the frosting is there for. But it looked SO much cuter without the frosting there. Oh well.

Chocolate cake, Raspberry Mousse, Ganache, and MFF.

Thanks for looking! (This is my 2nd time posting this picture. For some reason, my first post got corrupted and can't be retrieved.)


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